Youth Advocates Stand For Climate Justice

Youth voices were heard at the recent ASEAN Powershift Conference.

The role of youth in climate talks and in pushing countries take climate action was highlighted during the conference. According to His Excellency Dr AKP Mochtan, Deputy Secretary General of ASEAN for Community and Corporate Affairs, “the youth has much at stake, because the youth has much future to live.”

“The youth need to have a stronger voice in the climate talks. They will bear the brunt of climate change impacts which will be felt for years to come. Global leaders should always remember that what they will decide on in Paris will be a decision which will impact the lives of young people today and the future generation,” Rodne Galicha from Climate Reality Project and adviser of the youth delegates, said.

As the rest of the world waits for global leaders to take climate action, the youth of the Philippines, together with the youth of other ASEAN countries, are ready to make a stand and fight for climate justice.

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