Environmental & Capacity-Building Workshops

We offer a number of environmental and capacity-building workshops. These workshops are suitable for classrooms, eco-groups, and youth conferences, and are free of charge. Workshops typically last 30-60 minutes depending on the topic.

View the list of available workshops below, and email us to book your workshop today. Don’t see the one you had in mind? Let us know when requesting the workshop and we will work with you to tailor one to your needs.

Green Justice: Climate Change is happening and it’s forcing us all to think about a greener future. Powerful action needs to be taken quickly, and it needs to be taken together as communities, businesses, governments, and everyday people. But how do we make sure that everyone is included in environmental solutions? Explore how environmental and social justice issues intersect, and where that leaves you.

Show Me The Money! (How to fill out a grant application): Many projects require the funds to make them happen, like purchasing compost bins or printing materials. Where do you find the grants that will fund your project, and how do you fill an application out?

Youth Movement – Local and National: With over half of the world’s population is under the age of 25, the need of for youth leadership is more pressing than ever before. Youth are stepping up to make change happen – find out what they’re up to.

Culture & Consumption: Consumerism. We need to stop and ask ourselves — what is it all for? Why are we working so hard in order to buy so much, to have so much, to be burdened and cluttered by so much? All people should have a fair share of our planet’s resources and equal opportunity to live safely and productively. Explore the concepts of poverty and the good life.

Urban Agriculture: Have an appetite for food issues? Discover the role our urban communities have in sustainable agriculture, including community gardens and urban livestock.

Ecology, Conservation & Management: It’s difficult to talk about environmental issues without thinking about the big picture. Think large about the different eco-systems on planet Earth, and then zero in on what’s happening on the Manitoba landscape.

Green, Greener, Greenest City: Discover the role that city planning, sustainable transportation and green buildings have to play in creating the world you want to live in.

Water and You: We need water to live, but do we know how it gets into the bottles we buy from the store or the taps in our homes? What does it mean to choose water from the tap or from a bottle, and who is affected by this decision?

Getting Started: Do you see things in your community that you would like to change, support, or build on? Do you ask yourself “How can I make a difference?” but then don’t know where to start?  Grab a few friends, and let’s get together to make change happen!

Action Project Planning: A plan for action will serve as a roadmap for your group as you move forward with making your project happen, and a well-designed plan for action is essential to your project’s success. Discover exactly what you need to do to raise awareness and make things happen.

Changemakers: If we’re going to have a better world, we know we need change. But how exactly does that take place? Find out what it takes to make change happen, the different types of changemakers, and where you fit in.

Leadership & Relationship Building: You need to make sure that you have the leadership skills that will make your project happen, and sustain it over time. When your team has strong and vibrant relationships among each other, you are more likely to accomplish your projects goals.

Getting the Word Out: You have a great project, and you want everyone to know about it! How do you go about spreading the message and creating awareness? Find out how to get your message across effectively and get exposure.