Trick or Trash?

Forget about goblins, ghosts and ghouls, the real scary monsters out there this Halloween are candy wrappers, pop cans, cigarette butts and more. Last year, most spooky shoreline litter finds were single-use food & beverage items and smoking related trash, eek!


These are some terrifying numbers, but there is no reason to be afraid. Get some friends together to organize a shoreline cleanup near you and chase these scary shoreline monsters away.

To keep Halloween free from spooky garbage ghosts, here are some other ways to reduce litter:

  • Creative Costumes: Skip buying a brand new costume, instead create your own with thrift store finds or by re-using materials you find around the house.
  • Keep treats trash free: It’s a challenge to find waste-free treats, so look for items that come in packaging you can recycle, like cardboard boxes.
  • Carry your candy: There is no need to carry around a plastic bag for candy when you can make your own reusable pumpkin bag or grab your pillow case.

Start a Cleanup!