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Trick or Trash?

Forget about goblins, ghosts and ghouls, the real scary monsters out there this Halloween are candy wrappers, pop cans, cigarette butts and more. Last year, most spooky shoreline litter finds were single-use food & beverage items and smoking related trash, eek! These are some terrifying numbers, but there is no reason to be afraid. Get some friends together to organize a shoreline cleanup

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In Peru, this young activist is sparking a movement for climate justice

Majandra Rodriguez Acha was 19 when her country erupted in protests over Amazonian oil. The year was 2009, and Peru’s president had just opened the jungle to oil development, ensuring the displacement of thousands of indigenous people. Enraged by the violent clashes she saw on television, Acha attended a protest on her own. The police

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Teen activism moves Minneapolis suburb to pass climate initiative

Officials in a Minneapolis suburb adopted an aggressive greenhouse-gas-reduction policy last month that was brought forth by a group of local high schoolers who are part of a national climate change movement. Drafted by iMatter, a national youth-led group, the resolution aims for net-zero emissions by 2040 in St. Louis Park, a suburb immediately west of Minneapolis

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Youth Jumping to Join the Movement

Next Up Manitoba: Call for Participants

Next Up youth social change leadership program is coming to Manitoba this January! Next Up trains young progressive leaders committed to social and environmental justice. Sign up to get the application package. About the program Next Up was created by a community of people who wanted to help emerging leaders (that’s you!) develop new and better

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