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Innovative Ideas from Students

To honor World Students Day (October 15th), Earth Day Network India launched the ebook, “Pathways to Green India, Innovative Ideas for Students.” Featuring 22 case studies from across the country, this ambitious learning tool aims to inspire youth of all ages and backgrounds to take a leadership role in solving pressing environmental challenges while at

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Apply for the Watershed Champions Award

RBC-Evergreen Watershed Champions Award is offering eight awards of $2,500 and one grand prize award of $3,500 to publicly-funded classes (K–12) across Canada, just for learning about water! How to get involved: 1. Learn about water Getting started is easy—view the compiled tips, strategies and hands-on lessons to support you. 2. Take action to care for your local watershed

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How To: Organize a Bio-Blitz for the International Day of Biodiversity

Does May 22nd ring a bell to you? It’s the International Day of Biodiveristy! …Bio what? Biodiversity. What does that mean? Well, definitions of biodiversity are… diverse. Taken literally and simply, it’s the variety of life.  Taken most broadly, it’s our collective life support system (OBS, 2005). So the first challenge of biodiversity is just getting your

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