Sustainable and Romantic Art by Youth


By Natalie Baird

Today, the world faces multiple questions and problems surrounding energy, waste, food security, the economy, community, culture and pollution. We have seen that traditional methods are not effective in discussing sensitive issues surrounding the environment and human and ecosystem health. This is especially true while working with youth. These complex and non-liner problems demand that individuals and communities think outside of the box using creativity and even humor.

The Environmental Art Mentorship is a program facilitated by Natalie Baird and supported by the Manitoba Environmental Youth Network (MEYN). In this program, a small group of youth learns from and develops connections with environmental professionals and artists. The group works to create pieces of art that reflect environmental issues in Manitoba. The mentorship also created a series of posters with the slogan “It’s not just romantic, it’s sustainable!”. The posters show a collection of activities from a romantic, simplistic lifestyle that is also sustainable. With a grant from Eco-Action (Environment Canada), these posters will be distributed to business, organizations and schools across Winnipeg.

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