Key Activites


Every year we host GreenSpace, a youth-led conference that educates, inspires, and builds the capacity of youth and mobilizes action towards a more sustainable province.

Environmental & Capacity-Building Workshops

We offer a number of environmental and capacity-building workshops. These workshops are suitable for classrooms, eco-groups, and youth conferences, and are free of charge. Workshops typically last 30-60 minutes depending on the topic. Workshops focus on knowledge and skill-building, with topics including green justice, how to start an eco-group, urban agriculture, grant applications, and more – including custom workshops.


Art is a useful tool when exploring reactions to environmental issues. Very often we find that it is easier to “shut down” when we hear bad news, rather than engage with the issue and explore the broad range of feelings we have. Students are introduced to four main themes of Food, Water, Transportation, and Stuff in their community, the role these themes play in their own lives, and the impacts their lifestyle choices in their community have in other places around the world. Students then have the opportunity to explore these themes in a variety of art projects, including collage, sculpture, stop-motion animation and screen-printing.


Need some help with your project? The Youth Coordinator works closely with your eco-group to support skill development in areas such as project management, leadership, and fundraising to implement real, tangible projects in your community.


Our website, e-newsletter, and social media aim to foster community, exchange ideas, and propel you into collaborative action!