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Youth Jumping to Join the Movement

Next Up Manitoba: Call for Participants

Next Up youth social change leadership program is coming to Manitoba this January! Next Up trains young progressive leaders committed to social and environmental justice. Sign up to get the application package. About the program Next Up was created by a community of people who wanted to help emerging leaders (that’s you!) develop new and better

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How To: Organize a Bio-Blitz for the International Day of Biodiversity

Does May 22nd ring a bell to you? It’s the International Day of Biodiveristy! …Bio what? Biodiversity. What does that mean? Well, definitions of biodiversity are… diverse. Taken literally and simply, it’s the variety of life.  Taken most broadly, it’s our collective life support system (OBS, 2005). So the first challenge of biodiversity is just getting your

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Community Environmental Movie Nights a Huge Success

By: Julia Minarik, Youth Member – Gimli Environmental Advisory Committee Here in Gimli, Manitoba our Gimli Environmental Advisory Committee (GEAC) has been hosting Environmental movie nights. These movie nights have been held on Thursdays at the community’s multipurpose building and are open to any community member wishing to attend. There is no entrance fee and

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