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MEYN in the News

Earlier this month the Youth Network published two articles in the Eco-Journal. Check out “500 Days of Eco-Friendly Summer” and “Steering Youth Toward Sustainability” here. And a huge thank you goes to our authors Carl Dizon and Marianna Pozdirca, and our photographer, Clèche Kokolo!  

Meet our 2018 Youth Steering Committee!

Meet our 2018 Youth Steering Committee! The team works hard to create space for youth in the environmental movement by hosting educational workshops, volunteer events, and an annual “Green Space” youth forum. We also seek out outreach and collaboration opportunities in order to add a youth voice to existing campaigns. Our youth steering committee is the

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Take the Great Waters Challenge

The Great Waters Challenge is an online, interactive experience for young Canadians under 30, helping to showcase the deep connection that lies between our water and our identity as Canadians—from indigenous traditional knowledge to recent scientific discoveries—in lead up to celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary. Join this adventure and become a reporter on water in your

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Contest: Caring for Our Watersheds

The Caring for our Watersheds program invites students from Grades 7-12 to propose ideas on how they can help their watersheds. From simple environmental projects in the classroom to community-wide events, dozens of projects have been implemented in the Lake Winnipeg Watershed since the program began. Tens of thousands of dollars are available as prizes for the students, schools and to implement action projects!

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Essay Contest: How can we improve Canada’s fresh water?

Are you a high school student (Grades 8–11) in Canada, who is interested in saving our fresh water supplies? IISD Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA) wants to hear from you! The world’s leading whole-lake freshwater experimentation site is asking you to come up with science-based solutions for Canada’s bodies of fresh water. Canada is home to 20 per

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