Vision, Mission, Goals


The Manitoba Environmental Youth Network supports a province in which youth are engaged, skilled, motivated, and active citizens building sustainable communities.


The mission of the Environmental Youth Network is to educate Manitoba’s youth and connect environmentally-minded youth through peer-to-peer and experiential learning. We connect Manitoba’s environmentally-focused youth through conferences, Network governance, and web-based communications. Serving as Manitoba’s environmental youth voice, the Environmental Youth Network is the community’s central node.


Foster a sense of community, empowerment, and belonging for environmentally-minded youth;

Introduce Manitoba’s youth to sustainability issues, and support them in developing sustainability solutions;

Inspire and facilitate environmental action through education, networking and support;

Promote, connect, and grow the success of youth-led environmental initiatives;

Promote cooperation and information-sharing between environmental youth groups so that they can learn from each other’s experiences and plan joint initiatives;

Provide resources that build the capacity of environmental youth groups to carry out effective environmental initiatives;

Encourage more participation by youth in environmental organizations; and

Support youth as they participate in public discussions and decision-making processes related to sustainability issues.